Textbook: What Would Holden Caufield Wear?

Textbook: What Would Holden Caufield Wear?

If Willie Wonka were in the world of high fashion, what would he wear?

Blogger John Jannuzzi considers this question for all sorts of characters on his site, Textbook: A Style Blog for History and Literature (formerly What Would Holden Caufield Wear?)

On the blog, famous characters from literature, films, and history are brought into the world of high fashion.

“Have you ever read a book and formed a perfect image of the character in your head? So have I, and that’s why I started this blog,” John said on the site. “I take each character and consider their story, their location and their traits to create 3 looks from modern runways.”

John has considered a plethora of characters ranging from classic literature to Pokemon

In one look, Clarissa Dalloway from Mrs. Dalloway is in a yellow and black, knee-length Prada dress and a Tory Burch cape. In another look, John reinterprets Belle’s famous gown from Beauty and the Beast, dressing her in a yellow, one-shoulder gown by Christian Dior featuring teal accents.

He even did a series with characters from Harry Potter. John has Hermione rocking Marc Jacobs and Professor Trelawny in Rodarte.

The looks are intriguing and well suited for the characters. John demonstrates not only an ample appreciation for literature and history, but also a keen fashion sense.

In a world of never-ending fashion blogs, Textbook stands out as one of the most unique and interesting of its kind.

So next time you’re flipping through Vogue instead of your textbook, consider the characters and ask yourself: what would Holden Caufield wear?

-Micki Fahner


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