Ritzy Rick

Ritzy Rick

Rick Ross arrived just 10 minutes before his set at Rock the Dome last Thursday. The portly grunting rapper swooped into the Carrier Dome with his full team in tow, wearing what appeared to be, an Hérmes alligator skin jacket. Like most rappers, Rick Ross is no stranger to luxury. However, thanks to Twitter, the world has come to know Ross as the newest connoisseur of brands like Balenciaga. On his birthday, he shared with his nearly 2 million followers that he had decided to wear Balmain Zipped Calfskin High Top Sneakers (retailing for a modest $1,378), paired with a surely understated silver lion crest chain and a Givenchy star tee.

Who can be credited for the rap communities new obsession with niche luxury brands? Some say artists like Kanye West, who is known for his daring fashion choices led the movement, others say it’s just the steep price tag. We suspect the latter for Ross, who arrived in the petit Syracuse airport aboard a chartered Boeing jet. As GQ’s Devin Friedman discovered after spending just two days with the rapper the mans cash fuels just about every facet of is life. His mash-up of“style,” and fleeting sartorial prowess, certainly reflects that.





























-Zachary Weiss


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