Paul Smith Fall 2011

Paul Smith Fall 2011

Paul Smith’s career is synonymous with gorgeous menswear, and the looks that strolled the runway for his Fall 2011 women’s ready-to-wear line proved that this collection didn’t fall far from his comfort zone. But it certainly didn’t land quietly. While men’s fashion is often subtle, yet detail-centric, this particular women’s look is nothing if not loud.

True, the outfit’s fit and lines are very basic—almost standard—in its interpretation of menswear business attire. A plain button-down, shimmering tie, solid blazer, and peacoat are layered effortlessly, and the professional tone of the outfit is accentuated with large-frame glasses and just-shined oxfords. Impeccably tailored pants are a natural piece of the outfit—but this specific pair of pants has the awesome twist of using an unapologetic magenta fabric that bursts from under the standard peacoat. Toned down with crisp blacks and white, this punch of pink emits a bold confidence that would seal any business deal.

Though hot pink pants may seem daunting, this photo demonstrates the pants’ wearability through one of the fundamental rules of fashion: bold pieces can transition fluidly into your wardrobe when paired with no-frills classics. The take-charge power of a fashion move like this will have you running the meeting and making the sale.


1. Blazer, $29.95-$49.95, H&M

2. Privileged Hedy Lace up Suede Wedge Bootie, $35.40, UrbanOG

3. Women’s Poplin-Stretch Dress Shirt, $26.50, Old Navy

4. Tux-Cropped Pants, $62.90, ASOS

5. Solid Nylon Tights, $4.50, Forever 21

6. Partial Placket Longline Jacket, $54.80, Forever 21

7. Striped Metallic Tie $8.90, Forever 21

8. Colorblock Round Readers , $14, Urban Outfitters

-Gabriela Riccardi


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