Infinity Scarves

Infinity Scarves

At long, long last, the weather in Syracuse is finally chilling down, and winter seems to be almost here! PS, is anyone else thrilled to have made it through the semester without a single significant snowfall? Anyway, with the dawn of the winter months upon us comes the chance to wear layers upon layers of sweaters, coats, and winter accessories to our wardrobe. From classic items such as long scarves and thick wool mittens to newer styles like earmuffs with headphones built in or knit headbands, the choices are plentiful for stylish winter wear. With all of the layers and accessories you get the chance to wear all of your favorite pieces at once!

Scarves, a winter staple that’s been around as long as snow, are becoming increasingly popular as not only a utility, but as a fashion statement. We’ve all been wearing traditional wool scarves since we were little, but now it’s not only cool to match your scarf to each day’s outfit, but to change up the style completely. A new style that’s gained traction recently both on and off the SU campus is an infinity (sometimes called “eternity”) scarf, or ‘snood.’ The concept is generally the same as a scarf – worn around your neck to keep it warm (or simply because it’s cute), with one change—the scarf doesn’t have two ends, but instead is a complete circle of fabric! Check out the J. Crew Hearthstone Infinity Scarf to the left as a great option for $68!

Although winter is here now, don’t feel that infinity scarves go out of style come the end of March. Many stores carry infinity scarves in lighter fabrics so that they can be fall and spring accessories as well, and all fabrics have many colors and patterns to fit any personality. However, if you have yet to make the switch to the infinity scarf check out this video

-Diana Pearl


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