On Monday, was definitely the place to be. It was where the annual Zipped Launch Party was held in honor of the release of the magazine and the launch of this blog! Zipped totally outdid themselves this year by partnering up with major fashion brand, Vince Camuto to compliment the new changes that took place within the magazine, along with the weather.

Zipped really wanted us to feel to the fashion in the air, and did we! The tables were covered with new issues of the magazine, tons of free goody bags compliments of Vince Camuto, and treats of course. As I scanned the table to find more cookies, there was one thing standing in between myself and my cookie—Editor-In-Chief, Christina Decker. I then took that opportunity to get the deets on Zipped and the new changes that have been made. She went on to show me how Style Files, tid-bits or briefs that were still considered news worthy, were taken out and replaced with “Zipped Picks.” This page consist of items that the staff considers must-haves for the season. This issue was compiled with festive lipsticks and clutches that give reason to the holiday season. Something appropriate for the “Winter Is Coming” spread.

Last but not least, the fashion! What better way to set the mood for a fashion event than with models? Several girls stood on wooden platforms displaying a few of  Vince Camuto’s pieces, which were all very fashion forward by the way. Color blocking , sequin, and several other trends were displayed on models used as human mannequins—genius. The night was finished off by a raffling of Vince Camuto handbags, perfume, and gift cards—one of which I won. The night couldn’t have ended better. Good job Zipped!

-Shanelle Drakeford


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