Circle Lenses

Circle Lenses

BIG assets are in—big boobs, plump lips, voluptuous butts. Eyes are the newest body part to follow this growing trend.

Originating in eastern Asian countries, such as Japan and South Korea, circle contact lenses—or circle lenses—have grown in popularity, and have finally reached the shores of the United States.

Lady Gaga, one of the most (in)famous trendsetters, was spotted sporting circle lenses in the music video for “Bad Romance.”

Do not be misled to think circle lenses have a medical purpose. They don’t. They are an accessory. Circle lenses simply cover a larger portion of your eye than most contact lenses. Typical contact lenses only cover the iris, while circle lenses cover part of the whites of the eye, making the iris appear larger. They also come in a variety of colors, from the typical brown to the outrageous violet.

Although circle lenses can be easily found in eastern Asia at any fashion store, in America they are much harder to find. However, if you covet every trend that fills the pages of fashion glossies, you can order circle lenses online, or look for them at most local Asian boutiques.

-Stephanie Chan


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