The Secrets of the ‘Parisian Chic’

The Secrets of the ‘Parisian Chic’

What is it that makes Parisian girls’ wardrobes the go-to place for fashion inspiration? It’s not enough to know what style will be a la mode this season; you need to know how to pull it off!

Secret #1: Don’t go off spending your monthly budget on outrageously expensive items straight off the runway. The golden rule for looking Parisian-fabulous is to always pick a magnificent piece that is unique and easy to match with more basic (and affordable) items.

Secret #2: Wear clothes that are comfortable enough to allow you to always look at ease and feel like yourself. Parisian girls will never put on jeans that are too tight just to feel slimmer. Skinny jeans that don’t cut off circulation are usually a French girl’s number one choice, and they come in crazy many crazy colors—white, grey, black, kaki, dark or light blue. There are so many options to change up a simple item that there is never a right or wrong hue!

Secret #3: Make your choice of coats and jumpers as sophisticated as possible. When walking down the Champs Elysees, vintage jackets and cashmere sweaters are what will make you stand out from the crowd while keeping you warm. Keep it classy!

Secret #4: never underestimate the power of hair-dos. A naturally messy style is what you should aim for. Parisian girls usually prefer loose chignons (buns drawn at the nape of the neck) or natural waves for a vite-fait, bien-fait (quickly done, well done) look. Now you can roll out of bed and straight to class while looking incredibly chic!

Secret #5: Show off your personality with quality accessories and uncommon pieces of jewelry. If you are keeping those last few dollars in your checking account for something worth it, a nice leather bag or a precious stone ring are the way to go!

So there you go. Now you have the secrets to explore that will make you fall in love with the ‘Parisian chic’ look. But remember: never to let others judge you—you can only look as French as you feel while staying in the parameters of your own personality!

–Cristina Baussan


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