Kendi Everyday

Kendi Everyday

You don’t have to live in a big city to enjoy fashion. Kendi Skeen proves this everyday on her appropriately titled blog, Kendi Everyday

It all started two years ago when Kendi followed her husband to his small hometown in Texas. “People think that when you get married and move to a small town, that you should get pregnant…I started a blog,” Kendi wrote on her blog. “While our surroundings got smaller, my closet got bigger.”

Kendi posts pictures and descriptions of her outfits almost everyday. The outfits on the blog are cute, wearable, and accessible. She frequently sports items from stores such as Gap, Target and J. Crew.

“I decided to write my blog from a small town point of view, style from an everyday perspective,” Kendi said.

She says she comes from a long line of fashionable women, and has always been into fashion and style. “I can remember as a little girl seeing my older sister’s clothes and just waiting for her to outgrow them so that I could style and wear them in my own way,” Kendi said.

The blog is funny and relatable. The photographs, usually taken by her husband, Bryan Skeen, are beautiful (the scenery is almost as pretty as the clothing).

Kendi Everyday shows off its namesake’s spunky style. It is clear that Kendi has a knack for combining simple items in fun and unique ways.

Her advice for dressing in the cold weather?

“Layers, layers, layers! I don’t think you can do any wrong with tall boots, a layered look and a cute coat. Of course, this is coming from a Texas girl…”

–Micki Fahner


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