Alexander Wang 2011

Alexander Wang 2011

As the autumn leaves gradually blow away and the morning frost settles in, it’s time to face the music: the long stretch of a cold, cold winter is on its way. But the upcoming chill this season doesn’t necessitate the bulk and frump of warm layers. Rather, Alexander Wang’s Fall 2011 ready-to-wear collection is a reminder of the best that winter fashion has to offer.

Black is best worn during the short days of winter; its sultry shadows are strongest when contrasted against crisp white snow, and head-to-toe black is easiest to pull off as the day darkens quickly. By mirroring the season, you can enwrap yourself in the mystique and magic associated with winter. 

This outfit also makes ample use of velvet, sheer fabric, and lacy ruffles. This combination is a triple threat in the winter, the only time of the year when the stars align and all three can be worn together. Make sure not to overlook the warmth and glimmer of dark velvet, which is an imperative texture each winter season.

The details of the outfit are distinctly feminine: lace, ruffles, and velvet are reminiscent of what little girls love best. But this look matures these details and interlaces the boundaries between menswear and female fashion in Wang’s signature cool style. The outfit’s narrow-straight-meets-loose-fit shape is clearly taken from male styling—the detail is referential of tuxedos and 19th-century suits. Androgyny is a trend that has persisted over time, and it has hit the red carpet with full force this year, but why take a cue from Wang and try a male-inspired piece for everyday style? Because the comfort meets style will allow you to feel like a winner every day this winter.

1. Be Right Back Top, $39.99, ModCloth

2. Shorts,$17.95, H&M

3. Pants, $34.95, H&M

4. ASOS 2 Strap Velvet Pattern Belt, $26.96, ASOS

5. Women’s Smocked Satin Dress, $12.99, Old Navy

6. Thin Lacquered Bangle, $2.80, Forever 21

7. Classic Leatherette Shoes, $22.80, Forever 21

8. Dress, $9.95, H&M


— Gabriela Riccardi


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