In The Nude

In The Nude

As everyone bundles up for chilly weather, the Fall 2011 ready-to-wear runways show us that there is still one way to go bare. Before you get too excited, know that it was the heavy makeup, not the designer garments, that was noticeably absent at select shows. Of course, a multitude designers continued to send rouged lips and metallic lids down the runway, but some gravitated towards a refreshingly clean pallet.

The selling point of this look is flawless, natural looking skin. You may be relieved: No makeup is in? A dream for the on-the-go college girl! But just because this look is simple doesn’t mean that no legwork is involved (unless, of course, you wake up looking like a doe eyed, dewy skinned model naturally- most of us don’t). When dealing with a clean, and particularly pale, complexion, it is important to remember that luminosity is the key to not looking, well… like a corpse. Chanel makeup artist Peter Philips created the above look for the Alexander McQueen runway using extremely fair foundation but combating this ghostly pallor with illuminating crème and even golden highlighting powder on the apples of the cheeks for added glow.

If you’re not ready to go totally bare, there is a less extreme alternative. While artists for Alexander McQueen stopped at alabaster skin, most chose touches of browns and golds to add warmth while still remaining in the neutral family. These tones bring to mind scenes of falling leaves and dusky cornfields- perfect autumn inspiration! The models at Michael Kors and Rag & Bone sported smudgy golden brown lids paired with sculpted cheekbones. Pairing this natural look with a golden-brown metallic eye or peachy cheeks (as seen backstage at Balmain, above) provides an easy every day interpretation of this low-key look.

Re-create the look with these recommended products:

Left: Benefit Moon Beam  $26 Sephora

Right: Shiseido’s Shimmering Cream Eye Color in Sable  $25 Sephora


–Sara Easterling


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