TOMS Turn Trendy

TOMS Turn Trendy

Let’s face it – no matter how much girls love high-heeled pumps, sandals, and boots, they don’t always make for comfortable footwear. Sometimes there’s nothing more that busy Syracuse students want to do than to slip into a pair of sneakers (or sometimes even slippers) to head off to class. But for those of us that don’t usually rock sneakers outside of the gym, we have to find our own version of comfort shoes.

Syracuse fashionistas seem to have started a trend to deal with this dilemma: TOMS. These slip-on shoes come in a wide variety of colors, allowing fashion individuality to shine through: fabrics and patterns—from canvas to lace, bright-red to silver-glitter. This trend has dominated the female feet on campus, but don’t count this trend out for the men of Syracuse as well. I’ve spotted quite a few Syracuse men sporting TOMS on the quad.

In addition to feeling stylish, wearers can also feel charitable about buying TOMS—for every pair of TOMS bought, the company will donate a pair of shoes to a child in need.

Sophomore Elizabeth Lafontaine has made TOMS her go-to shoe for busy days on campus. “They’re comfortable, and they go with anything,” Lafontaine said. “I also like that they support a cause, it takes the superficiality out of fashion.”

Just a quick piece of advice: Don’t throw your pair of TOMS in the wash after getting a little bit of slush and salt on them—they’ll never fit the same again!


–Diana Pearl


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