With the weather in Syracuse constantly changing, it often becomes difficult figuring out what to wear each morning. The early-semester warm weather often calls for shorts for men and sundresses for girls. But when the weather turns cold, students often just want to lie in bed and never leave their rooms. And when we have not choice, since as students we do have to attend classes once in a while, we usually leave wearing something as close to pajamas as possible: sweatpants and a sweatshirt. People tend to let the weather take over their wardrobes and dictate their style.

However, I saw Noah Silverstein [who is very popular on our blog this week!], junior English and Textual Studies major, walking to class through Food.com this Thursday bundled up in absolute style. After the brief spell of 70-degree weather earlier in the week it felt, at least to me, even harder to dress well when the cold hit hard. But Noah was not only able to dress up and look trendy and sophisticated, he also looked completely relaxed and comfortable in his outfit choice.

Boys out there, you may be wondering where he got his sweater? Well, perk up those ears, because he got it from H & M for a mere $49.99! He explained that his favorite part of the cold weather is layering, and as you can see, he did a great job. Like in this photo, he says he usually wears a long-sleeve button down shirt with a tie, a sweater over that, and a jacket over it all to stay warm. And when he gets to class with the heat blasting, he has the option of peeling off the layers and getting comfortable.

For a similar sweater to Noah’s, check out this new item from H&M, and for some other sweater options, check out some of ASOS’ many other options.


–Zoey Topper


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