What Would A Nerd Wear

What Would A Nerd Wear

For most college students, getting out the door for an 8 a.m. class is enough of a struggle without considering fashion choices. Blogger Tania hopes to inspire us all to embrace our inner chic collegian on her blog, “What Would A Nerd Wear: An Archive of Grad Student Style.”

She chronicles her daily wardrobe choices as a graduate student. While she says her style is constantly evolving, her looks generally embody the needs and ideals of typical collegiate style: cozy cardigans, crisp button-downs, fun tights, and tall leather boots.

She lists her daily outfit components under “works cited” so readers can copy her looks, and she posts tutorials in the “lesson plans” section, adding to the collegiate feel of the blog.

Tania says everything from streets style to her piles of laundry can inspire one of her looks. “I’m less interested in what’s cool and what’s on the runway,” she says. “What I’m more interested in is style and how people put things together and how people express themselves.”

For college students short on both time and cash, Tania suggests hitting thrift stores, especially for simple accessories like scarves and belts.

“[Thrift stores] are a great resource for adding bulk to your wardrobe without spending very much money.”

She utilizes these “bulk” items, such as a colorful coat or a cute pair of sandals, to dress up the traditional jeans-and-tee college uniform without it seeming like she’s trying too hard.

“The best style tip I could give is to dress the way you want to dress. I see lots of girls who do their own thing and look terrific. Even if I wouldn’t wear what they wear, a person who dresses just as she likes, with her own flair, always looks great.”

For more tips and inspiration on collegiate style, check out Tania’s blog, “What Would A Nerd Wear.”


–Micki Fahner


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