Lace.  It is one


of the most delicate fabrics, and it shows—when worn, it gives off a delicate and innoc


ent vibe. It also gives off the air of both the elegance of the female form and the you

thfulness of the modern woman. With its sheer look, it is not only dainty, like a doily, but also sexy, making it a very versatile piece.

There are many ways to wear lace. Bold readers can make a statement by wearing a black bra or a tank underneath, as seen on Lady Gaga (although I wouldn’t recommend copying her entire outfit). However, more demure readers may choose to wear a nude bandeau or a nude-colored tank to draw less attention to the see-through-ness and lack of fabric.

I saw Megan Corbet, a senior marketing and public relations major, walking to class earlier this week and I couldn’t help but fall in love with her outfit. Her purple lace shirt covered in leaves provides the perfect example of how to wear lace with class to class. With her oversized cardigan on top, she brings out the sophistication, rather than the sexiness, of the lace. So where did she get it you ask? The shirt is from Urban Outfitters, which I feel is one of the best places for lace garments (after American Apparel, of course). Megan says that her favorite thing about her shirt is that she can wear it in so many different settings. She’s worn it under a suit when on an interview, with jeans and heels out to a party, and to class with boots and a sweater.

The shirt may be an old model from Urban, but here are some cute alternatives that are in stores now! Check out Urban Outfitters recent incarnation of lace here or try this red-lace top from American Apparel.

–Zoey Topper


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