YSL VS Louboutin: Tiffany & Co. Enters The Ring

YSL VS Louboutin: Tiffany & Co. Enters The Ring

Tiffany & Co. is known for its trademark blue box — a beacon of exemplary branding. There’s arguably no comparison to the emotions surging through your fingertips as you gingerly pull the box’s white ribbon to find a delightful treat waiting, perfectly wrapped, inside. Tiffany’s label is also synonymous with eternal style and unquestioned class.

When a label as iconic as Tiffany gets involved with a federal court case, the fashion world pays close attention.

French shoemaker Christian Louboutin, known for his red-soled shoes worn by celebrities such as Kate Bosworth, is currently appealing a federal judge’s decision to deny an injunction against Yves Saint Laurent’s right to sell red-soled shoes from its 2011 resort collection. The judge is also questioning the validity of Louboutin’s trademark on the company’s sole’s color. Last Tuesday Tiffany filed an amicus brief in support of Louboutin, likely because they fear a similar issue arising in thefuture with their signature robin-egg-blue boxes. 

Despite laws protecting copyright of words, ideas, and brands, fashion is not always protected, which is sad. It’ll be interesting to see the outcome of the case.

It’s disappointing to see YSL, a reputable fashion house, piggy-backing off Christian Louboutin’s success. I doubt the now deceased Yves Saint-Laurent—the man credited with creating the tuxedo for women—ever envisioned his fashion house drawing inspiration from another designer.

Gerilyn Manago


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